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I often get asked why 49? So here's why...

Numerology, which is an ancient mystical framework that attributes deeper meaning to numbers, its philosophy states that all things carry a unique vibration, from planets to humans.

Within this framework of numbers, the number 49 is considered a powerful number that represents change, new beginnings, inner strength, and growth. This number is also associated with
spiritual awakening and enlightenment. As such, it was a natural choice to name my company 49 Consulting, as these themes align with my desire to help clients transform their lives , find flow and create positive changes in the world.

In addition, 49 is also a number that's influential in my life - I currently live at number 49, my last house was number 49 and I was 49 when I founded 49 Consulting. 

And the Consulting part? I'm a consultant for your mind and your future, your very own cheerleader, like an invisible backpack you carry around all day reminding you how great you really are, because we all need someone to remind us of that from time to time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 7786 826 415

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