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I am a peak performance coach and my mission is to help people reach their highest potential. I specialise in transforming the lives and mindsets of high performing individuals by teaching clients how to live in an optimal state of consciousness where they feel and perform at their best.
I help clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs, red
efine life visions and plot a path to fulfilling their highest goals.

A lovely by-product is that clients rediscover balance in their lives, have meaningful insights and embrace a new sense of joy in how they live whilst optimising their professional and sporting performance.

I believe how we breathe and sleep determines our ability to perform at the highest level, create an abundant life and navigate life's uncertainties.
Following two and a half decades working in the financial markets, I immersed myself in the world of human potential. Highlights include:

- The Flow Research Collective - Studied peak performance coaching & flow science;

- The Oxygen Advantage - Advanced instructor in science-based functional breathing techniques;

- Singularity University - Studied behavioral science of innovation, exponential technology & strategies; 

- Oxford University - Studied life and group coaching;

- Peter Crone - Studied psychological constraints and finding freedom through re-framing our narratives;  
- Beeja Meditation - Advanced meditation practitioner.


I love cold water immersion and swimming in the sea off Scotland but find taking a cold shower torturous. I coach youth cricket but still believe I have the skills I once did as a county youth player but get reminded constantly by the children that I don't. I love playing golf but play less than I would like to admit and once cycled solo the 2,500 miles from Vancouver to the Mexican Border in 36 days losing so much weight in the process I had to buy a whole new work wardrobe which then didn't fit me three months after I returned to sitting behind a desk for 11 hours a day again.  

I have gathered a network of world class experts that will compliment our coaching journey and enable the changes you make to last. Each coaching journey is unique and together we can craft the life you really desire.  

The higher we climb, the lonelier it can become, choose growth and email me at to discuss how I can help you.

Al Palmar

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