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Unleashing Freedom & Happiness

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Imagine experiencing life unburdened by the weight of limiting beliefs, free to express and explore, to love and create, to live authentically. This is the feeling of abundance that is at the centre of the transformational work I do with clients at 49 Consulting.

"People can't be held accountable for that which they're oblivious to." Peter Crone

Let's get one thing clear - it's not your fault. We are product of our experiences, so finding freedom and happiness by dissolving our contexts, or how we view ourselves within our world, is always going to take some work.

Seismic shifts in our self-perception can occur in an instant, our vibrations elevate and we're rewarded with attracting people and circumstances into our lives equal to one's new higher resonance but it's an ongoing journey, this evolution of our soul and much like life itself, progress can at times appear painfully slow until we look behind us and realise how far we've grown.

First, the foundations: Accept that we are architects of our own realities. Our experience of life is a subjective reflection of the beliefs and narratives we carry within us. These self-constructed contexts, often born out of past experiences, shape our present and future. They can both empower and restrict us, forming a perceptual lens that colours our entire existence.

But what if we could dissolve these contexts? What if we could liberate ourselves from the shackles of limiting beliefs to experience true freedom and happiness?

Let's start with the recognition that we are not our thoughts, but rather the observer of them. We can choose which thoughts to follow and which to let pass like clouds in the sky. It's about embracing our capacity to simply 'be' without succumbing to the relentless chatter of the mind. This is the first step towards inner liberation.

Next, we acknowledge our emotions as valid experiences but not defining truths. Like weather patterns, they come and go, sometimes intense, sometimes tranquil. By observing our emotions without judgment or resistance, we practice acceptance of our human experience and pave the way for emotional freedom.

The process of dissolving your context isn't about erasing your past or denying your experiences. It's about questioning the narratives we've built around those experiences. It's about asking, "Is this story serving me, or is it limiting my potential?" By challenging these narratives, we can recontextualize our past, transforming it from a source of confinement into a springboard towards freedom and happiness.

As we begin to let go of the contexts that no longer serve us, we make room for new, empowering beliefs that align with our desires and aspirations. This is where we step into who we really are. We start constructing narratives that empower us, that feed our spirits, that reinforce our inherent worthiness.

The journey towards freedom and happiness requires courage and patience. It asks us to face our fears, our pains, and our past. But the rewards are immeasurable. Imagine experiencing life unburdened by the weight of limiting beliefs, free to express and explore, to love and create, to live authentically.

Remember, dissolving your context isn't a destination but an ongoing process, a practice of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-love. It's about being present, releasing the chains of past and future, and finding freedom and happiness in the here and now.

Let's embark on this journey together, one breath, one moment at a time. Embrace your role as the architect of your own existence and redefine your reality. Your freedom and happiness are within reach, and they begin from within.

Much love and compassion,


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